Merch Partnership Program

Make your merch a reality.

The gachiGASM Merch Partnership Program

This program makes it easier than ever for content creators to start selling merch. Normally creators need to sign-up for a fulfillment company, enroll in an inventory management software, create a website, etc. etc. This program allows creators to quickly add their products to our existing store.

Who Can Join is all about celebrating streamer culture. This program is only available to streamers. Exceptions include content creators like vloggers and podcasters, as long as they are involved in streamer culture or eventually go live with a stream. If you're a content creator, but do not do live content, it won't make sense to partner with the brand.

How To Become A Merch Partner

 Follow these important steps to be considered for the program:

  1. Use the Contact Form
  2. Write this exact phrase as your first line in the message:
  • "Applying for Merch Partnership Program"
  • This will make the phrase appear in the preview text of the email, and make it easier for us to respond to your inquiry.
  • Write one sentence description of what you do and what you're about.
  • Write one sentence describing the types of merch you would like to sell.
  • When we respond to your application, we'll correspond over email to learn more about your goals and ideas. If it's a good fit, we'll walk through the merch design process and the profit sharing.

    Note: the profit sharing between gachiGASM and the creator occurs after all expenses are paid and sales are final (after return window). The percentage and amounts will vary per agreement, and will be heavily influenced by the products and pricing.