Announcing Our Emote Collections

Your favorite emotes are now available IRL.

Emote Apparel

We designed shirts, hoodies, hats, and more to with some of the best emotes from Twitch and other streaming platforms. The emote apparel is designed to subtly reference chatter culture in a fashionable way. No grainy digitalization of the emotes themselves; we showcase the commands chatters use to make the emotes appear. John Bain laughing is the image you want to invoke, but the phrase we all use to describe it and make it appear is LUL (or LULW).

Discover some of our favorite pieces from various collections.

Pog Hat

This design worked amazingly well. The balance between the colors does a great job of referencing our favorite streaming platform, while still showcasing the emote front and center. It's a clean design deserving of the "Pog" stamp.


Nothing represents the magic of streaming communities better than OMEGALUL. The clean design of this hoodie really highlights how you can flex your love for streaming, and only the cool kids will truly understand.

catJAM Socks

One of the most popular dancing emotes, used whenever there are some sweet jams plays on stream. It felt pretty obvious to honor this classic emote on a pair of socks. Keep your toes warm while you tap your feet in this clean design.

DonoWall Face Mask

This is not the most popular emote, but it just felt perfect for a face mask. Wearing a mask is important, but at the end of the day it does muffle your speech. If you've ever been snubbed on stream, this mask should speak to you.

Emote Collections

There are several different lines of apparel to choose from. Take a gander and discover the streaming gear you never realized you needed until now.

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