About Us

What is a gachiGASM?

Know Your Meme does a fantastic write-up on the history of this emote. Essentially what you need to know is gachiGASM is an emote that represents intense pleasure and satisfaction.

DISCLAIMER: If you don't know about the gachiGASM emote, emotes in general, or Twitch and streaming, then this might not be the site for you. Pretty much everything we do here will be referencing those communities.

Is This a Meme Site?

Yes and no? We love streaming and Twitch and the subculture associated with it. Our goal is to celebrate creators, and to enable chatters to wear their love of Twitch literally on their sleeves. Our apparel might be silly, but our love is serious.

What Will I Find On This Site?

Our blog features content creators of all shapes and sizes, with a focus on streamers. If you know someone that should be featured on this site, definitely drop us a line.

Our store showcases the vernacular of Twitch, official gear from creators that partnered with us, and general streaming memes. If you are an avid Twitch watcher and chatter, you'll understand the references.